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we're the place to go for life's big events

bdaygirlWhen the event is worth celebrating, that’s where we come in. If the cake means something to you, then you can bet that it means something to us. Our talented staff works collaboratively to assure that the cake for your special event is well thought out and unique to you and your wishes. Our goal is to make sure your milestones are memorable. View our Flickr page to see our cake albums.

"One of the great things about our customers, and with social networking becoming so popular, is that we are getting a lot of reaction shots and party celebrations via Facebook. People are posting them online, which is great." - Becky Palermo, Co-Owner of Creative Cakes

blackhawks"Cake decorators are such people pleasers. We love to see photos and have comments come back to us. It’s really sweet and it says a lot about our customers and how they feel about us and our product. It also gives us a chance to connect with them a little bit more." - Beth Fahey, Co-Owner of Creative Cakes

Need help creating your perfect cake? Our Custom Cake Order Pricing Guide can help you get started. Click here to view our complete Bakery menu with pricing.


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Looking for the perfect wedding cake? Please call us to make an appointment!


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